It’s our intention to give you the best possible coffee experience, but don’t just take our word for it, check out what others had to say!


I was introduced to MoJo Roast through a tea company, believe it or not. Until that very first tasting I was a regular French Roast consumer with an occasional cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Jo introduced me to a world of flavors in coffee that I might have missed out on. Aside from her signature brew Viking Thunder, others that stand out for me are the Peruvian, Kenyan French Mission, Mexican, and Yemen! Drinking the many varietals and developing a palate for their individual nuances has been a journey. Jo’s expertise as a roaster is beyond professional In my opinion, she is one of the best artisan roasters in the country. As a private chef in Los Angeles, I have access to quite a few great coffee roasters. I enjoy their products. However, when anyone asks me who has the best coffee, I send them to MoJo Roast in North Dakota. – June Pagan (private chef, menu developer)


Jo’s desire to provide customer service is a perk all coffee drinkers should taste.  “I guess this means the secret is out why Loos Tales Cowboy Coffee has MoJo like no other” – Trent Loos


When Jo and I served samples at 4 different grocery stores, we had people coming back for seconds, even the ones that didn’t even care much about coffee.  ….it is that good!……Freddie/also known as Dakota Fred on Gold  Rush

The day doesn’t start until I get my Mojo on! My senses are awakened as I smell of the rich aromatic coffee beans filling the grinder then dropping into my french press. A smile appears on my face and the morning officially begins as I take that first sip of Mojo’s perfectly roasted Sumatra blend. There’s nothing like having coffee made your way and having it shipped right to your front door. It’s like having your own custom coffee tailor. Thanks Mojo Roast for helping me Wake Up, Stand Up & Snap Out of It! – DeDe Murcer Moffett