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MoJo Roast, INC was born in May 2005.  Although I started roasting coffee several years earlier, I had no idea a passion and business would culminate.  I grew up in the “70’s” and those were the days where a person felt like a valued welcomed customer when he/she walked into a business.  As the years passed, I saw mom and pop stores along with personalized service disappear, only to be replaced with large department stores and automated phone services, and now, “virtualization.”  That was and is quite an adjustment for many of us.  I can remember being at a coffee conference and someone asking a large coffee supplier, “how do we compete with you giants in the industry?”  Her response was, “you don’t, you find your own niche.”  I saw a lot of faces fall that day.  I stood there and looked around the room and took it all in.  My journey as a personal coffee roaster had begun.

I got back to North Dakota reeling from the thought of finding my niche market.  It took a couple of months but I had found my niche.  With all of my coffee knowledge in tow, I was going to share that knowledge with everyone I met, and implement it into my business plan.  I am a personal coffee roaster.  I roast everyone’s coffee when they order it, to their specifications; roast level, ground, whole bean, etc.  Coffee is a perishable food item that holds it freshness for a short period of time, 2 to 4 weeks, so it is very important to me that my customers get their coffee as soon as it leaves the roaster.  That customer’s roasting log (personalized recipe card) is then filed for any future reference. I do this for every one of my customers; wholesale and retail.  Most times I am the one that answers the phone when a customer calls, no automated phone service.

MoJo Roast exemplifies quality and freshness.  I cup and choose every single coffee that comes into my roastery.  I purchase only Specialty Grade Arabica coffees, which makes up 5-10% of the world’s coffee market.  There is not one defect (i.e. mold, ferment, fungus, insect damage, foreign objects, etc.) that are allowed in this grade that would affect the cup quality.

Along with educating the consumer about the wonderful world of coffee, giving back has been the foundation of my business.  We donate monies to cancer foundations, domestic abuse centers, and women’s causes through our affiliation with the Café Femenino Foundation.

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Pride of Dakota Member

Mojo Roast is proud to be a member of Pride of Dakota since 2005. Focusing on bringing awareness, education, and quality to the consumer.