Viking Thunder

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Bring out the inner warrior within. Sit back close your eyes and take yourself away with this bold rick brew. We carefully select each coffee and roast it to order so you’re ensured the freshest cups of coffee.

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Roast Profile: Medium Blend

Awaken the inner warrior within and embark on a journey of boldness with Viking Thunder coffee. Close your eyes, savor the rich brew, and allow it to encapsulate you in its rich flavor. Each coffee bean is meticulously selected and roasted to order, ensuring the freshest and most invigorating cup of coffee. Unleash your spirit and revel in the robust essence of this carefully crafted blend, embracing the anticipation of each fresh, bold sip.

Note-roasted fresh to order.

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1 review for Viking Thunder

  1. Cheryl Leahy @CJAllDressedUp

    This coffee is simply amazing. It is rich, bold without being overpowering, and doesn’t even have a trace of bitterness. I haven’t tasted a better coffee, and I drink coffee every day!

    • mojoadmin

      Thank you for the review: so glad that you had a great MoJo experience.

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