As many of you know I’ve been dealing with some health issues for quite some years, late 90’s, and I think I may be narrowing in on the culprit of my ailments.  I’m hoping that this post will help someone out there that may be suffering from:

Joint pain

Muscle tissue pain

Tendon and Ligament pain


Brain Fog

Eye Fog


I was bitten by a deer tick in the late 90’s and was diagnosed with Lyme.  I was treated with 1 round of antibiotics, Z -pack, and  have been doctoring for all of these years since with all of these symptoms coming and going.  My latest episode of joint pain started in January of this year; the inflammation hit me in the knees and really has taken me out of commission.  I ended up in the emergency room twice and have seen several doctors since.  I was fortunate enough to find a doctor that was so very familiar with the symptoms that I had and took my ailments seriously; they weren’t in my head after all.

My doctors spent 2 hours asking, listening, and evaluating me.  They set up a round of blood tests that were sent out to be evaluated for Rheumatoid factors, MS, Lyme Disease, among many others.  Everything came back within normal range except for the Lyme’s, it was inconclusive.  I had another blood draw yesterday and it’s being sent to Salt Lake for  more conclusive testing.

So here’s where we are and what I’ve found out.   My symptoms have come and gone over the years and Fibromyalgia was the main thought from the doctors over the years.  That and MS have been the misdiagnosis for many people that have actually really had Lyme.  I can’t imagine that lifetime of pain and disability because Lyme’s was missed.  So many people may not have known they were even bitten but actually were.  If my tests come back positive, my journey to healing and wellness isn’t going to be pleasant but hopefully successful.  I hope this helps because the symptoms are real; so don’t give up and be persistent for a healthier you.   Cheers