Coffee is an agricultural product and can vary from season to season because of environmental factors such as: weather, insects, disease, etc.  There have been some seasons that I have opted not to bring in a coffee because it just doesn’t meet my standards.   Sometimes I have to alter the roast profile to get the same amazing cup I look for.  I don’t roast for the look of the bean, I roast for the particular character the coffee offers in the cup.  From season to season coffee crops come in with different variances.  With this knowledge and a certain profile I look for in the coffee; I  roast for that.  There may also be times when I can’t bring in a particular coffee for a blend and have to opt for another similar coffee.  In order to hit a flavor profile I may have to roast the coffee lighter or darker to meet that profile.  It’s about consistency in the cup not in the color of the bean.  The majority of my blends are roasted for body, but as a Personal Coffee Roaster’ the single origins are roasted to your specific  request.  I’m always available to answer any questions to help you, the coffee lover, find that amazing cup that sends you on a journey.

Drink Fresh ~ Cheers