I’d like to not only, expose you to the world of coffee, but introduce you to women that I think could inspire and lift you up. I have personally met the women and / or had interactions with them before I would recommend them to you. If you are into moving ahead and getting unstuck, these are the women I’d like to acquaint you with. A major point that I’ve experienced with women; is the use of those 2 little destructive words (if and but). If you want to truly move forward in your life and toss the negative use of those words to the curb; these women can help you do that, but, you have to be committed to moving forward and finding that positive vibe that lies within each of us; and only you can find yours. If I can ever help you, please ask; you will not put me out. I would love to hear about your self and business growth.

Here is an amazing list of women that you can feel free to interact with. I personally look forward to a lifelong amazing friendship with all of these women.

Debbie Vinyard is a very positive inspirational woman that I have personally met. She inspires people through her blog and clothing line. Debbie is a cancer survivor and her philosophy is to embrace each day and to find your passion and pursue it.

She has created her inspiration through her blog and looks forward to inspiring other women. Blog – http://happyfirstblog.com/ facebook – www.facebook.com/happyfirst website – www.happyfirst.com

Adrienne Kallweit is an amazing entrepreneur that has created her own franchise opportunity, SeekingSitters. http://twitter.com/#!/tulsamompreneur Franchise page – http://workathomefranchise.com/ Links to testimonials and Fortune 500 http://www.inc.com/inc5000/profile/seekingsitters http://seekingsitters.com/IntheNews.asp


DeDe Murcer Moffett Definitely a besty of mine. DeDe is just one of those women that capture a soul. She’s amazing and can help with many aspects of your life; perosnal and business. Her website – www.dedemurcermoffett.com

http://www.snapoutofitradionetwork.com http://www.youtube.com/user/dedemurcermoffett
facebook – facebook.com/dede.moffett

Jeretta Horn Nord I cannot say enough about this unbelievable woman. She is a best friend and an amazing author that uses her platform to inspire and bring a voice to women in business. I actually got to meet a rocket scientist, a woman, and very accomplished at that, because of Jeretta’s book series, A Cup of Cappuccino For The Entrepreneur’s Spirit. I have gotten to meet a lot of very wonderful women beause of Jeretta’s incredible talent with the pen. facebook – http://www.facebook.com/jeretta website – http://www.acupofcappuccino.com/

Stacie Tamaki is an inspirational blogger that I have had interactions with. She is very innovative and knowledgable in the realm of socail networking. She is so willing to share her vast knowledge with the masses; and for that I appreciate her tremendously. In the next week or 2 you will see changes I’ve made on my site because of her critique and input; very valuable. Blog – http://theflirtyblog.com

I will be adding to this list as my life travels on. I also look forward to your input and success stories in your life.