As I mentioned in and earlier blog post; coffee is a perishable food item.  Many of us have followed the spoken word (Gospel) and kept our coffee in the fridge or the freezer.  In all of the research that I have done, there is not one valid place where this theory holds true.  I had to laugh at myself many years ago before I got into roasting because I, too, believed this and actually stored my coffee in the freezer.

Here are the facts; keeping your coffee refrigerated or frozen actually hastens the stale factor because of the condensation that happens when we are in and out of our appliances.  Coffee has about 200,000 cells and as the coffee roasts those cell walls are expanding and the oils are developing to help hold in the main gas responsible for keeping your coffee fresh; CO2.  When stored properly in an air tight environment your coffee will stay fresh for up to a month, depending how much you have and how often you are into it.   Now, why and how does it become stale you ask?  Very simple, the air that we breathe has about 22% oxygen and that is what makes coffee stale.

I was told many years ago by the president of a major coffee company that I could not compete with them in the industry; that I had to find my own niche.  I did, I’m a personal coffee roaster to everyone who cares about this magnificent beverage.  I will roast your coffee just before shipping so you are guaranteed the freshest possible product.  And, if you want it ground, I can help you to determine the right grind for you.

Next blog post; Why The Grind?

People have personal chefs, personal trainers, personal assistants, etc.  Now you can have your own personal coffee roaster, tailor making every coffee for each and every one of you.

Cheers ~ Drink Fresh