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Team MoJo proudly announces its unique mission that transcends mere transactions. Every purchase at Team MoJo is not just a transaction; it’s a contribution to a legacy, a support to a cause, and a step towards a better future.

Porcupine Creek Gold – More Than Just Coffee At the heart of our initiative is Porcupine Creek Gold, a product that embodies much more than its physical form. It represents the life and legacy of Fred Hurt, affectionately known as “Dakota Fred”. Fred’s life was not just about gold mining; it was a rich tapestry of experiences ranging from being a skilled welder to numerous other remarkable endeavors. His passing left a void, but his spirit and lessons continue to inspire.


Porcupine Creek Gold -

$17.50 – $65.00

Continuing the Legacy of Dakota Fred Fred Hurt was a man of adventure, thrill of the hunt and exploration. He was a role model to many, especially seniors, with his active lifestyle, endurance, and thrill-seeking attitude that rivals’ men and women less than half his age. He had adoring fans throughout the world. His zest for life, contagious smile and blunt approach are all part of his massive appeal.

Over the past ten years he was featured on reality tv in pursuit of gold. Some of his past gold adventures have been in Alaska diving for gold in dangerous whitewater.

In an effort to keep Fred’s legacy alive, Team MoJo has embarked on a meaningful partnership with the mikeroweWORKS Foundation https://mikeroweworks.org/ (https://mikeroweworks.org/).

With every purchase of Porcupine Creek Gold coffee, $5.00 will be donated to the foundation. These funds are earmarked for scholarships to aid individuals aspiring to learn trades, thus providing them with greater opportunities and a chance at a better future.

Watch Trent Loos & Jo talk about Dakota Fred on BEK TV

A Tribute to the Trades This initiative is particularly close to our hearts at MoJo Roast LLC. We firmly believe that the trades have been, and continue to be, the cornerstone of America’s growth and development.

By supporting this cause, not only do we honor Fred’s legacy, but we also contribute to shaping the futures of aspiring trade professionals.

Join Us in Making a Difference We extend our heartfelt thanks to you, our customers, for joining us in this journey. Your support is not just about enjoying a quality product; it’s about being part of a larger movement, one that honors a remarkable legacy and fosters the growth of future generations. Together, let’s keep Fred’s spirit alive and contribute to building a brighter future.

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About Team MoJo: Since MoJo Roast LLC was established in 2005, We have been committed to making a positive impact by collaborating with other organizations and businesses to help benefit communities through our partnerships.

We adhere to strict standards in sourcing and providing expertly roasted specialty coffee. Similar to a tailor’s role in clothing, we customize all of our single origin roast profiles and provide fresh, roasted-to-order coffee to our customers.

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