Cold brew coffee is a coffee concentrate.  It is very important that you use a specialty grade coffee because lesser grades do have contaminants in them.  As a certified coffee grader, I only allowed Specialty Grade coffees in my roaster.  There is not one defect that will affect the quality of the cup and only 5% of the world’s coffee makes that grade.  With that being said here’s how you can enjoy your favorite coffee shop coffee at home for under $1.00.

Cold Brew

9 C Cold water

1lb course ground coffee

Steep for 12 hours in the fridge or on the counter

You can use a French press or a Toddy to strain the grounds

Store this in your refrigerator in a covered glass jar

Iced Vanilla Latte

Fill 16oz cup with ice

2oz cold brew concentrate

Splash of dairy, soy, almond milk, etc.

2oz Vanilla syrup

Top with dairy, soy, almond milk, etc

Tip: You never want to pour syrup directly on coffee because it will give it an off taste.  The nice thing about this is that you can make it as strong or as week as you like it.  You can also drink the concentrate hot by adding hot water-never boil the coffee concentrate.  You can heat it to take the chill off.